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Our Patient Return To Poland A Week After The Revision Rhinoplasty in Istanbul


I performed the revision rhinoplasty operation to my collegue who had been twice undergoing nasal aesthetic surgery in Poland. She is returning back to her country one week after the revision rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul. We performed Tertiary revision rhinoplasty operation using cadaver rib cartilage. I wish happiness, luck and health in the rest of her life. Greetings from Istanbul to my all patients and friends who live at Poland.
----------------------------------------------------- Polonya' da 2 kez burun estetiği ameliyatı yapılmış olan, İstanbul' a mevcut nazal deformitenin tedavisi için gelen meslektaşıma 3. revizyon burun estetiği ameliyatı yaptık. Hastamız ameliyattan 1 hafta sonra ülkesine dönmek üzere yola çıktı. Hastamıza kadavra kaburga kıkırdağı kullanarak tersiyer revizyon rinoplasti operasyonu yaptık Kendisine hayatının geri kalanında mutluluk, şans ve sağlık dilerim. İstanbul'dan, Polonya' da yaşayan tüm hastalarımıza ve arkadaşlarımıza selam…

Traumatic Caudal or Anterior Nasal Septum Deviation Treatment Difficulties

Traumatic Caudal or Anterior Nasal Septum Deviation  

What Is The Nasal Septum?
The nasal septum is a structure that separates the nasal cavity vertically and consists of bone-cartilage, both sides covered by the nasal mucosa, and you can find detailed information on the definition, description, treatment and deviation surgery of nasal septum deviations at the links below.

Nasal Septum Deviation Definition and Causes
Normally, septum deviations may also occur in cases of inherited genetic causes, trauma to the nasal region during birth or at any time in human life after birth. Unlike genetic nasal septum deviations, septum deviations can occur by traumatic causes (nasal bone fracture and septum fracture do not confuse!). Unfortunately, the curvature of the cartilage in the nose in some of patients with nasal septum deviation caused by trauma rather than a simple deviation surgery is becoming a problem for the operations to be performed much more careful and attentive.

Treatment Dif…

My Baby Patient Was An Increase In Weight Gain After Lip Tie / Tongue Tie Release Surgery

Previously sucking on the breast, biting the nipple, swallowing the gas, exposing the middle lip of the upper lip, running out of the mouth, and many other complaints of the patient, the lip tie and the tongue tie relaase surgery are performed. Even though it was earlier, two weeks later, there was a weight gain above the percentile curve. I wish the patient a long, healthy and beautiful life.

You can find details abıut breastfeeding after lip tie 7 tongue tie relase surgery at >> Dudak Bağı ve Dil Bağı Kesilmesi Sonrası Bilinmesi Gereken Birkaç Bilgi

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Why Surgeons Need Cartilage Grafts From Rib Or Pinna in Revision Rhinoplasty Operations?

Revision Rhinoplasty and Using of Additional Cartilage Tissue During revision nasal aesthetic surgeries, additional cartilage tissue is needed in some patients to correct existing asymmetries, to create tissue for subcutaneous camouflage, or to reconstruct nasal support cartilage tissue.

What is the "Autograft"?
Autografts are derived or taken from the patient's own body and include bone (rib, iliac crest, septal, calvarial) and cartilage (septal, conchal, rib).

What is the "Homograft"?
Homografts are obtained from another human donor and include irradiated cadaveric rib and dermis (source >> Premaxillary Augmentation Rhinoplasty Treatment & Management).
How should the characteristics of cartilage be used in revision rhinoplasty operations?
It is not easy to answer this question, but in general, the cartilages to be used in revision nasal aesthetic operations should have the following characteristics:

- easy to reshaping
- durable (the rib cartilag…

Open Technique Rhinoplasty Operation Animation

A video I see coincidentally on the Internet. An open technique rhinoplasty operation animation is shown quite simply and nicely. The techniques shown in the video are procedures that are common to most surgeries. Videoda briefly

- reduction of nasal cartilages (alar cephalic resection)
- hump reduction (nasal hump removal)
- planned nasal bone fracture (osteotomies)
- columellar strut graft application
- showing the stitches and nose bandages of the skin suture in columella after nasal stenting

I would like to thank Halo Media Works for publishing the video.
Video publisher: Halo Media Works - / Halo Media Works - YouTube   
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When Can Make Up After Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

 Makeup after rhinoplasty

You can find different information on make-up after the nose surgery in the internet of different clinics. It will be more appropriate for you to obey the recommendations of your physician who performs your surgery.

After nasal aesthetic surgery, usually after 1 week, the nose is taken atrophy. After the removal of the nasal atlas, the use of powder-based make-up materials or sealants that inhibit air passage over the nose can have adverse effects on wound healing and recovery of the tissue benefit. In the same way, it is especially important that no make-up material is contacted to incisions during the first 3 weeks after surgery.

Water and cotton or water-based skin cleansers are available for cleaning the nose; use of alcohol and other chemical based skin cleansers is inconvenient.

After the nose job surgery, after the 1st week, it is ok to make up the eye area and the rest of the face. Skin grease can be seen after nasal aesthetics during the f…

Techniques For "Nose Tip Plasty", "Nose Tip Lifting" and "Nose Tip Shrinkage" Operations

Nose Tip Tip Plasty, Nose Tip Lifting and Nose Tip Shrinkage

Nose tip plasty operation is a very common surgery to fixing the aesthetic and functional problems at the nose tip. There are many techniques described in relation to nose tip aesthetics

Nose Tip Plasty Operation With Cartilage Grafting

In the image on the side, the nose tip ahrinkage and stiffening
1. Resection of the upper intermediate part of the nasal tip cartilage (alar cephalic resection)
2. Nasal tip cartilages show transdomal or interdomal sutures taken to narrow the angle of the end portions and to sharpen them. In nasal aesthetic surgery, two of the most commonly used techniques are shown.
Patients with nasal hypoplasia, nasal tip enlargement, or nasal tip ptosis due to traumatic - surgical reasons, have been shown to have a "strut graft" placed perpendicularly to the tip of the nose as shown in the image below, and a cap graft, fat or soft tissue There is another nose tip lifting and nose tip …