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Fibrous Papule on The Hard Palate

Acquired Angiofibroma - Fibrous Papule Painless, pink-colored, smooth-surfaced and painless lesion 4 mm in diameter on the hard palate. History: There is a lesion for 6 months In histopathological examination, microscopic examination report: In the sections, it was observed that the lesion was covered with thick squamous epithelium. Fibrous tissue and numerous ectatic capillaries and mild chronic inflammatory infiltration are seen in the subepithelial space. Histopathological diagnosis:  Fibrous Papule An excisional biopsy was performed in office conditions, after local anesthetic injection, in a patient with a painless, pinkish color, smooth surface, gradually and slowly growing, painless lesion on the hard palate, just to the right of the midline, with a diameter of 4 mm. After the biopsy, we performed local chemical cauterization with silver nitrate. At first, I thought it was a wart associated with the HPV virus, but interestingly, the histopathology report resulted in a fibrous pa