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What to Do for Nose Skin Injury?

Traumatic Nasal Skin Injury and Recommendations for Aesthetic Recovery In the photo above, you can see the photo of the nose of the patient who accidentally hit the nose with hair (roofing material) and the photo after the aesthetic repair of the skin incision under local anesthesia. No nasal fracture was detected in the patient's X-ray and nasal examination. After the procedure, the patient's nose was bandaged with 3M brown micropore tape. In the other photo, healing at the wound site is seen after 3 weeks. The scar on the wound site has decreased considerably. . Our nose usually plays a protective role for our eyes in facial trauma The patient above stated that his nose skin was cut when a hair blown by the wind hit his face while walking on the road. In traumas to the face, various levels of trauma and injury to the nasal bone and nasal skin may occur. No injury to the nasal bone was detected in the examination and radiographs of this patient. Sometimes, nasal injuries occur