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I'm Back From The West Black Sea Region Trip!

Beautiful Photos From The Black Sea Coast There are many regions close to Istanbul where you can go to visit and take photos in Turkey. For a week, I had the opportunity to visit the following cities and places, respectively, located on the border of the Black Sea: - Blackwater - Akcakoca - Zonguldak - Eregli - Bartin - İnkumu - Bartin - Amasra Especially Amasra is also known as a honeymoon place and it is a really beautiful region. A historical and must-see beach destination. I published the photos without any changes. Amasra was at the far end of our trip and the journey takes approximately 5.5 hours by car. After this trip, I started with a very busy schedule. We send greetings to all our patients and friends from Turkey. The link where you can find detailed information about the Black Sea Region >> All About Turkey Black Sea | All About Turkey It was a trip where I could stop without cutting my beard for about 20 years. For almost a week :) You can take a look at the unfilter