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Nasal Congestion and Its Causes

Causes of Nasal Blockage - Stuffy Nose Diseases and conditions that can cause nasal congestion, respectively: Nasal septum deviation It is one of the most common causes. If the septum that divides the nasal cavity into two is curved to one side, it may cause nasal congestion as there will be insufficient air intake from the side of the curvature. In the treatment, the curved areas of cartilage in the nasal septum are surgically removed (septoplasty operation). Turbinate hypertrophy It is usually seen with septum deviation. Turbinates are responsible for the heating, purification and humidification of the air. When the volume of the nasal turbinates increases, airway resistance will increase and it may lead to nasal congestion. Today, turbinates are accepted as "organs" and only volume reduction applications are recommended in a minimal traumatic way. Surgical removal of turbinates or an abnormal volume reduction is not recommended as before. Nasal valve problems The air passa

Revision Nose Tip Plasty in Istanbul

Revision Aesthetic Nose Tip Surgery in Turkey Revision nasal tip aesthetic surgeries can be planned for patients who have previously undergone rhinoplasty or nasal tip surgery. In the presence of the following problems, especially at the tip of the nose, revision nose tip plasty operation may be required: - nose tip asymmetry (aesthetic reasons) - collapse, asymmetry in the nose wings (aesthetic and functional reasons) - nasal valve stenosis - collapse - drooping at the tip of the nose Difficulties of revision nose tip plasty operation As in revision rhinoplasty operations, understanding almost all details during the surgery (such as opening the surprise box), different and changed anatomy, the presence of suture reactions and fibrosis, more difficult tissue dissection, revision nasal tip aesthetic operation is more difficult than primary nasal tip aesthetics. makes. Since there is not enough cartilage tissue in the nose in some patients, additional cartilage tissue is required. The p

List of Drugs That May Cause Dry Nose

Drugs That May Increase the Risk of Dry Nose In patients with increased air flow velocity in the nose (nasal hyperventilation) due to previous turbinate resection or turbine volume reduction procedures, nasal septum perforation and nasal dryness due to various reasons, the use of certain drugs may cause the mucosa to dry out, the current secretion to decrease or more may cause dark. This may increase the risk of dry nose. Especially in patients with empty nose syndrome , various allergy medications to increase the nasal air volume even more, considering "nasal congestion, turbinate hypertrophy or allergy ..." I've seen nasal cortisone sprays or nasal mincongestants prescribed to patients. Some of the drugs used for the treatment of different diseases and conditions, especially those used in the treatment of allergies and depression, can cause dry nose and mouth. These drugs are: Accutane Aches-N-Pain Acrivatine and Pseudoephedrine Advil Aleve Allegra-D Aller Max Alphagan