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Simple Revision Nose Operation To Correct To Hanging Columella

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery For Drooping Columella and Upturned Nose Tip! A male patient who had a rhinoplasty operation 1 year ago applied for treatment because his columella was hanging downwards and the tip of his nose was pointing upwards when viewed from the side, and his nose had a feminine appearance when viewed from the front. As a result of the patient's examination, it was determined that the columella was sagging and the tip of the nose was pointing upwards (columella-lobular angle was greater than normal). We planned a simple open technique revision rhinoplasty operation for the patient. As seen in the image above, an incision was made in the columella area that was cut in the previous surgery. The upper and lower skin was dissected and excess cartilage tissue was resected. The nasal tip skin was dissected and removed. The posterior part of the cap graft was shaved and grafts were placed below the alar dome point, due to the reduction of the columella lobular angle. Th

Simple Camouflage Grafting in Final Control of Rhinoplasty Operation

Small Camouflage Grafts With Suture Placed Under the Skin in the Final Stage of Nose Aesthetic Surgery When rhinoplasty surgeries are completed, the skin stitches can be partially removed and final checks can be made. Generally, the surgeon needs to check the nose from every angle and side. At this last stage, we can camouflage the sunken areas at the tip of the nose by using only small grafts. As seen in the photo above, at the end of the procedure, we can place small cartilage grafts with only one fixation suture. How to mark where to place simple camouflage grafts? After marking the center of the hollow or depressed areas with a dental needle, cartilage grafts or subcutaneous fibroadipose tissue can be used depending on the amount and width of the depression in the area to be placed. I usually use self-absorbing suture materials such as 5/0 PDS or 5/0 rapid vicryl to fix these grafts. In the photo above, there is a small camouflage graft placed at two points under the skin with 5/0