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Closure of Three Separate Septum Perforations - Before and After 3 Months Postoperatively

Septal Holes Repair - Before and After Small (3 mm), Slightly Larger (1x1.5 cm) and Larger (2x3 cm) Septum Perforations in Total In the examination of the patient, who developed nasal septum perforation after septoplasty operation performed in a different clinic, and who developed second and third nasal septum perforation after recurrent septum perforation repair, the fak (3 mm), slightly larger (1x1.5 cm) and larger A total of 3 nasal septal perforations (2x3 cm) were detected. 3rd Month After Open Technique Nasal Septum Perforation Repair - A Successful Result! The patient underwent septum perforation repair operation using open technique, rib cartilage and ethmoid perpendicular plate. At the patient's follow-up 3 months later, the endoscopic nasal examination video was re-recorded after the internal nasal silicone splints were removed. In the control examination, it is seen that all perforations are closed successfully. Recurrent unsuccessful septum perforation can reduce the ch

L Shaped Silicone Implant Removal - 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty

Tertiary Revision Nose Job The patient, who had undergone two nose operations before and had a closed technique augmentation rhinoplasty with L-shaped silicone implant in a different clinic in the last operation, applied to our clinic due to asymmetry and foreign body sensation at the tip of the nose. On examination, it was found that the nostrils were asymmetrical and there was an implant on the nose that could be felt by palpation. Open technique tertiary revision rhinoplasty operation was planned for the patient using rib cartilage. In the video below, there are pre-operative and post-operative videos of how the implant is removed from the nose. There are L Shaped nasal implants that do not react in the body, produced from silicone, used for augmentation of nose dorsum (nasal bridge) augmentation and contouring - supporting the nose tip. By placing it in the nose in a simple and practical way, it can provide the completion of nasal operations without the need for cartilage grafting.

Nose Tip That Looks Very Upturned After Rhinoplasty and After 1 Week!

Very Upright Nose Tip and Deformity in 1 Week After Nose Job The tip of the nose, which sometimes appears abnormally upturned in photographs taken on the operating table immediately after rhinoplasty, may cause anxiety in patients. Many of our patients want a natural nose that is compatible with the face. The reasons why the tip of the nose looks very raised right after the rhinoplasty operation: - sutures placed on the tip of the nose and anterior part of the septum - nasal tip edema - having silicone splints placed in the nose - excessive reduction of the supratip region - placing more cartilage grafts on the tip of the nose When you consider the factors listed above, remember that your surgeon usually tries to obtain a suitable nose for you, and the downward and backward movement of the tip of the nose will inevitably occur during the recovery period. Why is the tip of the nose usually more raised after rhinoplasty? Especially in thick-skinned noses, surgeons know the risk that the

An Example of Simple Natural Rhinoplasty Operation

Micromotor Assisted Natural Nose Aesthetic Operation Natural rhinoplasty operations include procedures that are specially planned for the person and different from other rhinoplasty operations.  No serious reduction was made in the nasal bridge of the patient. Nasal tip projection is increased, by moving the tip of the nose upwards and forwards; nose tip slightly narrowed.  It can be understood that while the nasal axis of our patient, whom I shared in this article, was deviated to the right before the operation, it was brought almost to the midline after the operation. For this axis correction, a unilateral spreader graft was placed and various osteotomy techniques were used. The domes of the alar cartilages at the tip of the nose have also been changed. Natural nose aesthetic surger y, also known as natural rhinoplasty or natural-looking nose job , is a surgical procedure aimed at enhancing the appearance of the nose while maintaining a result that looks harmonious and balanced with