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"Rhinoplasty in Women Istanbul" Video

The differences in nose surgery in women In female rhinoplasty operations, it is generally aimed to remove the belt more than the male noses, to make the nose tip slightly thicker and to make the nose slightly thinner. It is essential to obtain a natural, facetious nose in varying proportions according to each facial structure. Between the nostrils, between the nostrils, the angle between the kolumella and the upper lip (nasolabial angle) is greater than that of men and approximately 95-100 degrees. When this angle is more, the nostrils become visible (the nose of the pig). When this angle is less than normal, "droopy nose tip" is mentioned.

In the video above you can also find photos of the before and after the nasal aesthetic operation for women.

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Bad Smell Inflammatory Ear Discharge May Be a Symptom of "Cholesteatoma"!

Cholesteatoma is a rare abnormal collection of skin cells in the ear. It behaves like a tumoral tissue and has features that can damage the bone tissue around it and the brain around it in time, brain, facial nerve. It is composed of skin cells, in the form of a trapped inflammatory ball. Cholesteatomas usually develop as cysts or pouches, while old skin layers accumulate in the middle ear. Over time, the cholesteatoma may increase in size and break down delicate bones in the middle ear, causing hearing loss.

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Bloodless Tongue Tie Relase Operation With Thermal Welding Device Video

In tongue ties that do not reach the tongue (especially in Type 3 anterior tongue tie), diagnosis and treatment may be delayed. On the video an patients who 10 years old and had complaints of spoken impairment when speaking rapidly and tongue tearing on the upper part of the mouth when the mouth was fully open it was seen that there was a type 3 anterior tongue tie on the examination and the Eiffel Tower Type or Piston Type Tongue Tie mentioned earlier.

Local anesthetic and serum physiological mixture was injected into the tongue tie before the procedure and then the tongue was cut off with the Thermal welding device. After the procedure, the incision was sutured with a absorbable stitches. The incision area under the tongue after the procedure is seen at the end of the video.

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Black Hairy Tongue - BHT (Lingua Villosa Nigra)


Black hairy tongue (lingua villosa nigra), hairy tongue (lingua villosa)) may be scary, but the situation is harmless. As a short, coarse definition, bacteria or fungi cause the tongue to appear black and hairy, especially after oral hygiene in patients with altered texture and color of taste buds, resulting in the appearance of black pile tongue or black pile . In some cases, the length of the filiform papilla, the filiform papillary, which should normally be about 1 mm in length, is measured more than 15 mm. Because of this image on the back of many patients, tongue cancer causes fear of the wart (papilloma on the stomach), thinking of the onset of oral tumor. Although the black hairy tongue seems alarming, it usually does not cause any health problems and is usually painless. for children and 8.3% for young adults and 57% for those who are drug-addicted and imprisoned.

Taste buds can grow up to 15 times their normal length (this is like a hairy or bloom). Normally, the taste bu…

Stitch Reaction Risks or Infection Risks After Stitch Method Otoplasty Surgery!

Stitch method prominent ear correction surgery is very common application as a "minimally invasive otoplasty procedure". The stitch method for correction of protruding ears is the most frequently performed otoplasty procedure among the minimally invasive cosmetic ear surgery procedure. Using permanent suture materials, the ear folds that are normally inadequate will be rebuilt and a new curve will be created in the ear cuff by squeezing the stitches. In the technique shown here, the cartilage is not formed from scratch, and the cartilage is folded with permanent suture materials. In other words, the stitching must be robust and permanent, requiring a lot of knotting. Although it is preferred as a short-term application in the surgical treatment of buccal ears due to inadequate antihelix angle insufficiency, Due to the fact that the stitches are very close to the skin, there is a risk of stitch nodal points getting out of the skin and becoming infected.

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Large Septum Perforation Repair With Rib Cartilage - Examination 4 Month After Surgery

Four months ago, we performed septum perforation repair operation with rib cartilage to our patient with large septum perforation . In holes with diameters greater than 2 cm, the possibility of a complete closure with a surgical procedure is very low. It is difficult to perform large septum perforation operations depending on the very different factors such as the perforation of the interposed graft or any piece of tissue by the patient's breathing, the opening of chronically dry and infected mucosal areas at the perforations, or the reduction of tissue feeding; a full successful outcome (even if the millimetric hole is considered to be a failure) is less likely.

We posted a video about this patient's surgery and here's the video link 4 months ago:

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