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Accessory Auricle

Accessory Tragus  The accessory auricle consists of partially developed ear-piece residues that can be seen congenitally, often in front of the ear. It is a congenital external ear malformation that result of anomalous development of the first branchial arch during early embryonic development. Embryonic auricular components occur early in the fourth week of pregnancy. The ear circumference develops around the ear and gradually progresses laterally and dorsally during development. The position of the accessory auricle is related to the course of embryonic development of the three peak blocks of the first pharyngeal arch. Thus, abnormal developmental extensions may be placed in a curved triangle from the oral combined groove to the anterior atrium between the helical spine and the earlobe. Goldenhar syndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, Townes-Brocks syndrome, VACTERL syndrome and Treacher-Collins syndrome are can be asssociated with accessory auricle (source: Accessory auricle: Classifi…

Benign Cartilage Tumor of The Mouth - Chondroma

Chondroma in the mouth (in the cheek area)
Chondromas Chondromas are benign tumors originating from mesodermal cells in cartilage. Treatment consists of surgical removal of the lesion. The macroscopic appearance of the tumor removed from the mouth is seen on the above. Chondromas are usually benign cartilage tumors located within the tubular bones of the extremities in our body. They rarely occur in the mouth. Soft tissue chondromas (STCs) are rare and only a few cases have been reported in the oral cavity. In the above picture, a patient with a 2 cm diameter chondroma of painless, hard, smooth surface in the mouth of the right cheek is presented. Tumor resection was performed through the mouth under local anesthesia.

Oral soft tissue chondromasOral soft tissue chondromas are mostly seen in the third and fourth decade. From a clinical point of view, these neoplasms generally spread to the tissues around the well-defined nodules, which are asymptomatic, slowly growing. STCs consist ma…

Different Products and Techniques In The Repair of Tympanic Membrane Hole

Several Practical Methods in Eardrum Hole Surgery: Repair With Cigarette Paper, Fat Tissue, Silicone Membrane, Collagen Membrane and Bovine Pericardium
If there is a hole in the eardrum, the following symptoms may vary depending on the location and size of the hole:

- Hearing loss
- Recurrent ear discharge
- Recurrent middle ear infection and inflammation of the eardrum

With the exception of these symptoms, especially in patients with middle ear infections that do not protect the ear from water or prolonged repetition, there may be risk of injury and infection in the near future tissues such as brain, brain membrane and facial nerve due to chronic otitis media. Different ear surgeries have been developed to remove these risks and restore normal hearing. Earmold operations are surgical procedures consisting of different techniques developed for the treatment of the hole eardrum. The success of the eardrum surgery is based on the knowledge, experience and care of the physician; the pat…

Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea
Snoring and sleep apnea is a health problem due to narrowing of airways in sleep. Snoring is the sound during the breathing due to the vibration sound of the upper airways mucosal surfaces.

Sleep apnea can be described as roughly the next stage of snoring. In other words, breathing stops occur as the airway looseness and closure increase. In this case, if the respiration stops for more than 10 seconds, it is defined as "obstructive sleep apnea". If breathing stops in the same way without respiratory effort (ie there is a problem in the sleep center in the brain) it is defined as central sleep apnea. Almost all of the sleep apneas are "obstructive" or "obstructive". If the number of sleep apnea is more than 5 in 1 hour sleep, this is called "Sleep Apnea Syndrome". The diagnosis of Sleep Apnea Syndrome is based on sleep test (polysomnography - PSG).
Sleep apnea, which is an increasing health problem in industrial societies…

A Miraculous Body Secretion: Earwax (Cerumen)

Earwax (Cerumen)Earwax (Cerumen) is a yellowish sticky substance that is secreted into the ear canal of human and other mammals. Two types are available, the dominant wet type, and the recessive dry type earwax. Asians and Native Americans dry type earwax; In Africa and Europe, wet type (dark brown honey-brown and humid) earwax is observed.

Earwax is actually a useful secretion with incredible protective properties. Benefits of earwax:

- Moisturizes the external ear canal

- Create a barrier in the outer ear and prevent the water from contacting the outer ear skin

- Antibacterial property available

- Antiviral feature available

- Prevents growth of fungi (ear mushroom - protective for otomycosis)

- There is also alcohol derivative content that prevents insects from settling in the outer ear canal

Normally the newly produced earwax is spontaneously ejected from the inside out and the external ear canal has a self-cleaning mechanism.

So why are ear cleaning cotton swabs available?  Cott…

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy For Chronic Tinnitus

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy For the last 15 years, non-invasive magnetic therapy therapy has been tried for tinnitus (tinnitus), which is one of the issues in which we are insufficient to understand and treat its causes.

In this method, called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy, magnetic waves are sent to the brain at short intervals. TMS has been approved since 2009 for patients with major depression and at least one antidepressant treatment. Recent studies have reported depression and anxiety disorders in 12% of people with chronic tinnitus. Although it is emphasized that TMS treatment may be useful in patients with depression and tinnitus, it has been reported that no anesthesia or sedation is required and mild headache or tingling of the scalp can be seen with simple painkillers after the procedure. Last "Clinical Practice Guideline for Tinnitus" recommended against transcranial magnetic stimulation for the routine treatment of patients …

Beware When Joking in The Pool! - Eardrum Perforation

Eardrum Perforation / Injury / Bursting  Under Water
My patient came with ear pain that start after the trauma when joking in pool. After long-term swimming in the pool, simple external otitis can be considered in the first place, but ear trauma also changes the differential diagnosis firstly.
Eardrum Rupture in The Pool The eardrum is located between the middle ear and the outer ear and has a certain degree of stretching during external pressure changes. In case of sudden pressure changes, tears in the eardrum can be seen. In particular, during the dive and dive, the external pressure increases during deep dive, and when the pressure in the middle ear drops below the external pressure, a pressure trauma to the eardrum occurs.

In the photo on the above, there is a bursting of the eardrum as a result of sudden pressure change while joking under water in the pool. Bloody areas in the outer ear canal and in the eardrum and traumatic perforation on the eardrum are seen. Many antibiotic r…

Some of The Traumatic Ear Problems You Make to Yourself!

Don't Touch Your Ear Too Much!
Some ear diseases are caused by patients' mixing or traumatizing their own ears. The external auditory canal cleans itself and has an antiseptic "Serumen - Earwax" secretion. If the external ear canal or eardrum undergoes mechanical trauma, different problems may arise, such as external ear canal infection, impacted serumen, foreign body forgetting, eardrum trauma or puncture.
Impacted serumen Impacted serum is probably the most common thing to know, as a result of the insertion of a cotton swab into the external ear canal, the earwax squeezes in the external ear canal as a result of the accumulation of earwax inside and the absence of natural cleansing. Earwax can accumulate spontaneously. It is easier to develop an impacted serumen in patients particularly with narrow and hairy external canal, dry and dark earwax.
How can you handle your ear membrane with your finger? Causes of  eardrum perforation The eardrum can be perforated by pr…

Nose Aesthetic Surgery Does it Change Attractiveness, Success, Health Perception?

The effect of rhinoplasty operation on social perception
Rhinoplasty is one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures in the world, but few studies have shown that rhinoplasty has an impact on social perception.

In an article published in "JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Dergisi", participants in a web-based survey that displayed pictures of patients before and after rhinoplasty evaluated postoperative patients as more attractive, successful and generally healthier.

The results of the survey showed that patients with rhinoplasty had higher mean charm scores, higher mean perceived success scores, and higher average perceived overall health scores after rhinoplasty. These findings suggest that patients experience an improvement in social interaction due to the positive effect of rhinoplasty surgery on observer perceptions.

The limitations of the study are that the results do not reflect the spectrum of rhinoplasty surgical results because the images used show only the …