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Combination Three Different Applications For Rhinoplasty Without Breaking Bone

Rhinoplasty Without Breaking Bone Nasal root filling with subcutaneous tissue - Nose hump reduction - Nose tip aesthetic surgery - Patient-1 Sometimes we can do small things together, not perfection, but a more beautiful and functional nose.
Our patient from a far away country, who shared the photographs above and below, came to Istanbul in order to eliminate aesthetic problems outside the nose and functional problems within the nose without the use of an industrial filler or permanent suture material.
First of all, I would like to add the pre-operative problems seen in the photos and the ones not seen below:
- nose tip angle (nasolabial angle) seems to be low and the support tissue at the tip of the nose is weak) - the upper part of the nose tip and the partial collapse of the nose wings - the nose arch is prominent - the nasofrontal angle in the nasal root area is lower than normal and therefore the nose arch is more prominent - asymmetric areas on the nose and nose wings - endo…

Causes and Treatment of Nasal Obstruction

Nasal Congestion
Causes of Nasal Congestion Nasal obstruction may occur due to many different conditions and diseases. Below, the diseases and conditions that may cause nasal obstruction are summarized briefly. - Nasal septum deviation One of the most common reasons. If the septum, which separates the nasal space into two, is curved towards one side, it may cause the obstruction of the air since there will be inadequate air intake from the side of the curvature.
- Turbinate hypertrophy It is usually seen with septum deviation. Nose meat is responsible for heating and purifying the air. As the volume of nasal flesh increases, airway resistance may increase, leading to nasal congestion.
- Nasal valve problems
The air passage region below the nose wings is roughly referred to as the on nasal valve region. This region is the narrowest part of the nose, where airway resistance is infrequent. Constructing this region may cause nasal congestion because of the fact that the airway will make air…