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Thrush Due to Oral Cortisone Use in Adult Patient

Oral Candidiasis - Mouth Thrush  Sometimes, white, cream-like lesions may occur as a result of a fungal infection called Candida albicans in the mouth. Although it is usually seen on the tongue and inner surfaces of the cheeks; It can be seen in the gums, palate and tonsils. It can spread to the inside of the larynx and larger areas in people with weakened immunity. Why Is Thrush In The Mouth? Normally, there are normal flora bacteria in our throat, which are protective for us. In people with weakened immunity (cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy treatment, oral systemic infections, use of drugs that disrupt the local flora), local fungal infection may grow easier and infection control may become difficult. Candida is an organism normally found in our mouth, but can sometimes overgrow, causing symptoms. The presence of a foreign body such as a prosthesis placed in the mouth may facilitate fungal infection in local contact areas. The patient I shared with you in this article was evaluate

Simple Surgical Treatment of Earring Hole Tears and Stretching

Torn Earring Hole In the photograph above, deformations and tears in the auricle of a patient who previously wore earrings of different sizes to different areas of the earlobe and auricle are seen. The area on the patient's right auricle, which was seen as a tear on the upper side, emerged as a result of the baby accidentally inserting his finger into his earring. The lower treated area, on the other hand, emerged as a result of the wearing of heavy ear tags, the stretching of the earring hole and its almost tearing. Detailed information about the process is given below. Photographs of the right auricle are seen above and below of the patient who has tears, stretching, torn and earring hole shape changes due to earrings in the auricle.  Especially in patients who wear heavy ear earrings, downward enlargement in the area where the earring is attached, gradually expanding the earring hole in a longitudinal way, and a tear in the earring hole may occur over time. In some patients,

Airplane Ear - Eardrum Barotrauma During The Air Travel

Ear Membrane Damage Due to External Air Pressure Change You may remember the feeling of fullness and stuffiness in the ears that occurs when many people travel by plane, especially when the plane descends. Sometimes we can feel the same things when driving downhill very quickly or diving into the sea. When the external pressure changes, the closed spaces in our body can be affected by the pressure changes. This can occur especially in our sinuses and middle ear, which are surrounded by hard walls. During aircraft travel, especially when the aircraft is descending, the external pressure increases. Generally, there are systems that allow the aircraft to descend slowly and to adjust the cabin pressure so that there is no rapid pressure increase in the cabin. Pressure equalization in the middle ear can become more difficult, especially when the plane descends rapidly. Why Does Barotrauma of the Middle Ear and Eardrum Occur When Aircraft Descends? When the plane is taking off, the external