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The Effect of Unilateral Cocaine Use on The Nose!

Two Images of the Same Patient: Dry and Infected Nasal Mucosa on the Right (Due to Cocaine) and Healthy and Wet Mucosa on the Left Image Description: A 36-year-old male patient was admitted to our clinic with the complaints of epistaxis and nasal dryness from the right nostril.  The patient stated that he had been using cocaine through his right nostril for about 2 years.  It was understood that the patient could not breathe through his left nostril due to severe nasal septum deviation, which almost completely covers the left nasal cavity, and therefore he did not use cocaine from this side.  Nasal septum deviation may have had a positive secondary effect.  In the photograph above, there are images obtained during the endoscopic examination of the patient's right nasal cavity and left nasal cavity at the same time.  This is a photo where you can easily see the changes that cocaine has made in the nose.  It is seen that the mucosa in the right nasal cavity is dry, bleeding and crust

Chronic Inflammatory Lesion in the Auricle: Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis (CNH)

A Chronic Inflammatory Lesion That Can Be Confused With Auricular Skin Tumor Patient's Story Despite medical treatment in the pinna, 3 months is available, and growing lesion does not heal existing 80-year-old female patient was admitted to our department.  On examination, there is a slightly painful lesion with a necrotic center, with an inflamed discharge, approximately 1 cm in diameter, on the anterior surface of the auricle. Preliminary Diagnoses : Basal cell carcinoma (BCC), cellulitis, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis (CNH) Treatment Plan The patient was planned for a full-thickness biopsy operation including cartilage + skin, and a postauricular free graft transplant under local anesthesia (general anesthesia was not preferred due to cardiological problems). Operation Details In the photo above, the excision area of the lesion on the right outer auricle of the patient and the incision area behind the auricle are seen In the photo above, the

Swimming After Eardrum Repair Surgery

How Soon Can You Swim After A Tympanoplasty / Myringoplasty? The beautiful photo above was taken by me at sunset in Küçükçekmece Lake After eardrum closure operations, if water is leaked into the ear, risks such as infection in the surgical area, failure of the operation and re-emergence of the hole in the eardrum may occur.  For this reason, we usually advise our patients to protect the ear from water contact after eardrum operations and motivate our patients to take the necessary care. After the operation, it is recommended that the patients use various earplugs produced in accordance with the external ear canal, and various protective barriers with elastic bands that can be placed outside the head.  It is also recommended that our patients stay away from sports activities that may cause pressure increase.  It is the most accurate information that our surgeon who performed your surgery recommends to you.  Please do not participate in activities that may cause water contact to the ear