Benefits of Breathing Through The Nose!

Benefits of Nose Breathing
The nose is a very important breathing organ with the function of humidification, heating and purification of air as well as odor taking. If air is taken from the nose, the tip airway pressure increases and the amount of oxygen that can be absorbed increases. Benefits of Breathing Through the Nose Breathing through the nose;
• Reduces snoring
• Prevents sleep apnea syndrome
• Provides good quality sleep
• Prevents deterioration of oral growth
• Ensures regular coordinated work of oral muscles
• Orthodontic disorders, tooth and jaw problems are less common
• Prevents dryness of mouth and throat
• Reduces mouth odor
• Reduces the frequency of throat diseases
• Reduces body fluid loss
• Helps protect lungs from air pollution
• Reduces the frequency of lung infections
• Reduces the frequency of attacks in asthmatics
• Deeper breathability and increased lung capacity compared to mouth breathing
• Increases oxygen in the blood. Because the air can be given more slowly than th…

Tongue Tissue Massages After Posterior Tongue Tie Release Surgery May Be Painful!

Posterior Tongue Tie (PTT) and Massage After Tongue Tie Surgery
Tongue tie and babies with breastfeeding problems, tongue tie massage (lingual frenectomy) after the process, to prevent re-adherence and to keep the usable free tongue area as long as possible to keep the tongue bond massage is recommended. In the video above, tongue tie massage and lip tie massage are shown. During the Tongue tie massage, it is recommended to stretch the wounds in the middle of the tongue to the middle of the tongue. That is, the resulting diamond-shaped wound area is intended to heal in the vertical plane. The most easily visible tongue ties are anterior tongue ties. The frenulum joins to the end of the tongue, which causes the baby to appear in the shape of a heart when trying to extend the tongue. Muscle tissue damage is less than the mucosal injury in the wound after the anterior tongue of the membrane is cut. Therefore, it is natural to expect less pain after massage. How to make lip tie massage and t…

A Few Details For International Have Empty Nose Syndrome Patients Who Want to Injection of Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid Filler To Turbinate

Details For International ENS Patients Who Want to Injection of Cross-Linked HA Gel Injection To Turbinate

I am daily getting many messages from patients from different countries with ENS (Empty Nose Syndrome). I want to add some details about cross-linked HA nasal filler injection to turbinate for treatment of ENS.
Cross-linked HA gel injection to turbinate for treatment of ENS
➤  In patients with empty nose syndrome, it is possible to very less benefit from cross-linked HA nasal filler injection if the turbinates are taken almost completely.

➤ Cross-linked hyaluronic gel acid injections are generally done on the anterior part of the inferior turbinates that are partially taken or minimized, but it is not possible to completely reconstruct a tissue.

➤ In order to narrow the cross-sectional area of ​​the air, such as mathematical calculation. The turbinate tissue is enlarged with cross-linked hyalurinic acid gel injection and this help to reducing of nasal air passage (in patients w…

We Played Baglama - Turkish Folk Music For Our Ethnic Rhinoplasty Patient

Our patients come from all over the world, from different cultures. Very different techniques in rhinoplasty patients who has African nose type with a thick skin characteristics (Ethnic Rhinoplasty). I have many African patients have a very good-hearted.

Bağlama is one of the musical instruments used in playing Turkish Folk Music.

I played the bağlama for my thnic rhinoplasty patient who came from England. I wish good luck, health and happiness in her next life.

Greetings from Istanbul to my patients and friends who live in England.

Dünyanın her yerinden, farklı kültürlerden hastalarımız geliyor. Kalın deri özelliklerine sahip Afrika kökenli hastalardaki rinoplasti teknikleri çok farklı ancak çok güzel yürekli birçok hastam var.
Bağlama, Türk Halk Müziği çalarken kullanılan müzik aletlerinden bir tanesi.

Etnik rinoplasti ameliyatı yaptığımız ve İngiltere' den gelen hastamıza bağlama çaldık. Kendisine bundan sonraki hayatında bol şans, sağlık ve mutlu…

Nose Tip Plasty in Men

Male Nose Tip Aesthetic Surgery in Istanbul

What should be the ideal nose tip shape? The nose which is considered to be "ideal" is a nose that is compatible with other suitable facial features. Our perception of beauty helps identify what constitutes an ideal shape for a female or male nose. For this, there is always an artistic element, so the ideal cannot always be adjusted to simple lines and numbers alone. However, artists and aesthetic surgeons can design some instructions and proportions by examining the facial beauty and faces that represent the ideal of aesthetics. Artists have been working on beauty and aesthetic proportions for a long time and facial cosmetic surgeons need to understand the beauty in the same way to make changes that will beautify their beauty.

Male nose tip aesthetics operations are frequently performed and in general, these operations include the following different features (Male nose tip aesthetics - Nose tip aesthetics in men - Mal…

Upper Teeth Numbness Can Be Seen A Few Weeks After Nasal Surgery

Tooth Numbness After Nose Surgeries

Nerves leading to the gums and anterior teeth of the upper jaw come through the nose. Surgery in the septum may cause stretching or injury of these nerves. This may cause some of the incisor teeth of the upper jaw. In most cases, numbness in the nose is temporary after nose surgery. Similarly, the nasal tip may be compatible after septoplasty. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months to return. Postoperative transient numbness or pain in these teeth is common, but almost always recovers within a few months. Rarely, in some patients numbness after nose surgery can be permanent.
Nasopalatine nerve  The nasopalatine nerve controls the forehead in the four upper anterior teeth and a small portion of the mouth pit behind these teeth.
The sphenopalatine enters the foramen into the nasal cavity, passes through the roof of the nasal cavity, passes under the sphenoidal sinus mouth, reaches the septum, and then proceeds between the periosteum and…

Cortisone Injections During Rhinoplasty Operation Reduces Swelling and Bruising After Surgery!

Intraoperative and Postoperative Intravenous Cortisone Injection Can Reduce The Swelling and Bruising After Rhinoplasty Operation

Rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) is perhaps the most common plastic surgery, but it is a group of different technical applications that vary according to the surgeons and patients.Many physicians prefer different minimal traumatic applications in order to improve their patients as soon as possible after surgery and to have the least pain relief needs and to have the least bruising and swelling after
Intravenous Cortisone Injections in Nose Aesthetic Surgery During nasal aesthetic surgery, during surgery, during surgery and nasal bones (osteotomies) various cortisone-containing drugs in the application of vein, in patients with bladder and swelling in the end of surgery to reduce the effects of science published in recent years were shown. You can find links to the scientific studies published in 2018 in the "sources" section at the end of…