How to Cartilage Graft Taken From The Auricle and What Are The Post-Process Recommendations?

Auricular Cartilage (Pinna Cartilage) Graft in Revision Rhinoplasty Why auricle cartilage graft is needed in revision rhinoplasty operations?  
  Especially in patients who have previously undergone surgery and who do not have sufficient cartilage support tissue on the nasal septum or nose, the patient's own auricle cartilage or rib cartilage can be used when performing revision nose operations. In the photo above, five days ago, cartilage grafts taken from the patient's right auricle, pinna seem to be back. When auricle cartilage graft is used in revision nose job surgeries? Nasal surgeries that may be required to remove cartilage from the auricle can be summarized as follows:
• revision nose surgery (in order to place cartilage grafts on areas of the nose or asymmetric areas)
• revision nose tip aesthetics (ears of cartilage is not ideal in the construction of the nasal tip support because it is soft. However, it can be used to remove the nose wing asymmetries, to support…

If You Have Eardrum Hole Don't Drop The Onion Juice, Olive Oil, Black Seed ... etc. On It!

Patients with tympanic membrane perforation must be avoid the dropping into the ear some of natural products without ent doctor recommendation! 

Patients with a hole in the eardrum should protect their ears from contact with water and should not drop any herbal products without consulting the doctor. Since the barrier between the middle ear and the external ear canal is impaired, no fluid should be dripped from the external ear canal and that may contain bacteria or irritant.

I wrote this post because of the questions asked and asked by mail. I would like to give you some brief information about a few items that are frequently asked.

Most of the eardrums normally contain substances similar to those found in earwax (alcohol, antibiotics, acid ...). However, when the concentration of these substances is high, they can cause more harm than benefit, for example, lemon juice and vinegar can be instilled into the external auditory canal in a person with intact and acid levels close to…

Some Products That Can Be Used After Release Surgery Of The Upper Lip Tie

Drugs that can be used after the lip tie operation in childrenUpper lip tie, which may cause symptoms such as prolonged suction time in infants, difficulty in breast sucking, and nipple injury in mothers; In later years, if it can reach to the hard palate, it may cause dislocation of upper teeth. If it does not cause any symptoms, there is no need to cut the upper lip. Above and below, the lip welding zone of the patient who underwent lip ligation and tongue ligation at the same time as the thermal welding device was observed 1 week before. The lower part of the lips that reach to the middle of the upper teeth and the hard palate are seen partially.

It may be inconvenient to use products containing painkillers or corticones after tongue bond surgery and lip ligament operations in infants and children. Do not use the aphthic medications used in adults or the local pain-relieving products without consulting your doctor.

It is inconvenient to use products that stimulate local healing…

Eardrum Repair Without Ear Packing:PureRegen® Gel OTOL

Eardrum Hole Repair Without Ear Packing In case of a hole in the eardrum (tympanic membrane perforation, tympanic membrane perforation) and if these holes are not covered by medical treatment, in order to be treated in appropriate patients, tympanic membrane surgery are planned. For this purpose there are many similar surgical interventions. There are several ear surgeries that are described by the name of miringoplasty or tympanoplasty, including repair of the eardrum in the patient's ear, and sometimes repairing the middle ear ossicles together. Instead of a packing that may disturb the patient in the external auditory canal; The use of these self-dissolving products can contribute to increased patient satisfaction. When this product is used, especially after the "endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty operation" from the external auditory canal, the patient complaint is much less than that of the conventional tympanic membrane repair surgeries. Ear Drum Repair Video Wha…

It May Be Necessary To Keep The External Splint On The Nose Longer Than Normal After Crooked Nose Surgery!

Why nasal cast (external nasal splint) used after rhinoplasty?
Nose aesthetics operations are planned specifically for the person and the nose. The thermoplastic splint is placed over the nose after rhinoplasty operation for many different reasons such as stabilization of the nasal cartilage and bone structures, reduction of nasal edema, protection of the nose against possible traumas.
When nasal cast (external nasal splint) removal after rhinoplasty? External nasal splints what does it do and why is it used so that may come to mind, with respect to this "I usually prefer to use thermoplastic external nasal splint and held on 7-10 days nose after rhinoplasty surgery is recommended" I want to give the information.
Some of "Crooked nose - Deviated nose - Twisted nose - Deflected nose - Asymmetric nose - Scoliotic nose - C shaped nose - Asymmetric nose - S-shaped crooked nose deformity " shapes: You can see o the below some of "Crooked nose - Deviated nose - Twi…